Sold 1st Home open Butler Perth

Sold 1st Home open Butler Perth

This house in Butler had a lot of damage to walls, doors and doorframes.

It needed a lot of preparation and rubbing down to bring up to a new standard.

The skirting was all on but had never been painted, so we gapped filled undercoated and gloss all skirting.

here are the before pictures:

Here are the after painting pictures:

We completely transformed the painting of this house all doors and frames glossed, walls dulux wash & wear.

The house looked like brand new which helped with the sale by Tina Adams of David Evans realestate.

If you need advice on selling your house contact Tina Adams or if you need advice on how much painting is needed to make your house an easier sale than contact mick of Colour Perfect Decorating on 0416190879.

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