Exterior Window Varnishing In kelmscott

Exterior Varnishing In kelmscott

The outside windows and doors hadn’t been varnished for a few years, luckily we got there just in time to get them back to new looking.

We rubbed all the windows and doors down using a fine sandpaper.

The windows that needed it were reputed.

The product we used was SIKKENS CETOL FILTER 7 PLUS to give the windows the protection they needed.

Cetol Filter 7 plus is a medium build transparent satin top coat with added UV filters.

Designed as the final two finishing coats over Sikkens Cetol HLSe.  It remains flexible as timber moves and provides extra protection for timber exposed to maximum weathering.

you can see with these finished photo’s why we used sikken,s.

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They look like new again.

If you need your windows painted then Contact us all quotes are free.

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