Exterior painting Perth

Exterior painting Perth

From large commercial painting jobs to the exterior of your home Colour Perfect Decorating has the experienced team to deliver painting perfection.

Exterior painting is crucial to the protection of all kinds of surfaces.

Here we will cover some of the main considerations for different kinds of exterior painting .

Mick the boss here at colour perfect is going to cover some advanced tips and tricks to getting a solid and long lasting result from your exterior painting perthnext exterior painting project.

Some basic things to consider are:

Surface to be painted:

The main kinds of exteriors in Perth are Galvanised steel on the roof and wood or brick, but there are hundreds 0f other variations.

Type of paint to use:

This is highly related to many of the other factors listed here. We have decided to open up a question and answer section at the bottom of this post to discuss further and answer questions

Preparation of surface:

Read Quote of Bruce Feldman's answer to Painting (art): How are houses painted? on Quora

Again varies on the type of surface, time since last painted , and condition of current paint. Also you may be looking at painting a never painted before surface.

Weather conditions:

Perth’s weather certainly has to be considered carefully when planning an exterior painting job.

Time of year: This is not as bigger consideration when planning exterior painting in Perth as in other locations as the weather is usually hot but there are still some things to think about.

Other preparations: Timing with other trades is important


Working at heights: This again ties into timing with trades ie scaffolding needs to be set up

Number of coats

Roof painting:

Roof restoration and roofing issues:

This an issue big enough for another  article so we have started on our roof restoration in Perth blog post.

Colour scheme


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